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Blancpain Underwater See all - The digital experience

Blancpain believes public awareness is vital to achieve the goals of preservation and protection of the world’s oceans. And because nowadays raising awareness to a wide audience goes through online technology, Blancpain is now launching a new website called This new website invites the visitor to discover all Blancpain initiatives, achievements, and on-going activities through an immersive and intuitive experience. It serves two main goals: captivate the public’s imagination by showing the beauty and wonder of the underwater world and educate by teaching the threats that are faced by fragile ecosystems and the measures necessary to preserve and protect them.  

Built as an interactive 3D realistic globe, visitors to the site are invited to travel by spinning the image of the earth in the most entertaining way to discover and access information on selected topics. Clicking pins on the globe, brings to the screen complete reports of the scientific expeditions supported by Blancpain including the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions and the Gombessa Projects, presentation of the partners as well as breathtaking underwater photographs. A timeline history section connects the missions of today with the achievements of the past giving the user a global vision. The site also offers more than 500 dazzling high resolution ocean images and video reports from the expeditions conducted to date by Blancpain’s supported partners displayed in stunning full screen HD galleries making the user lose track of time.